Curve Gauge Voting Analytics

Liquidity providers on Curve can earn more CRV rewards using gauge voting. By locking up CRV into veCRV (vote-escrowed CRV) and using it to vote for a particular pool (gauge), users increase the share of CRV rewards distributed to that pool. Users can vote every 10 days. When and where are their votes going?

Vote transactions

How much gauge voting takes place, and when? The frequency of votes cast depends on a variety of factors, including gas fees, competition between gauges, and the voting activity of protocols/DAOs holding veCRV.

Number of daily Curve vote transactions
Vote transactions in the last 2 weeks
Vote transactions to date
Highest number of vote transactions in a single day

Top Addresses

Who is voting the most? Protocols Yearn Finance and Convex Finance come in at the top, leveraging their users' CRV to put in frequent votes.

"0xf147b8125d2ef93fb6965db97d6746952a133934"214Curve YCRV Voter
"0x989aeb4d175e16225e39e87d0d97a3360524ad80"127Curve Voter Proxy - Convex Finance
"0x7a16ff8270133f063aab6c9977183d9e72835428"51General address
"0xf96da4775776ea43c42795b116c7a6eccd6e71b5"41General address
"0x0000a441fbb1fbaadf246539bf253a42abd31494"34General address
"0x32d03db62e464c9168e41028ffa6e9a05d8c6451"32General address
"0x431e81e5dfb5a24541b5ff8762bdef3f32f96354"27General address
"0x4bcc5ca6394971dde157dea794553d2b9de44b0f"27General address
"0xf89501b77b2fa6329f94f5a05fe84cebb5c8b1a0"25General address
"0x65a0bf08ff1bf021ed8d929402371f6cfb83ab53"23General address


Which gauges are getting the most votes? Users can choose a percentage of their voting power (weight) to allocate to a gauge. Each vote carries 0 to 10,000 points (10000 = 100% of a user's voting power). Which gauge gets the highest allocation points on average?

Top Curve gauges (by number of positive vote transactions to date)
Top Curve gauges (by average vote weight to date, assumes each vote transaction is equally powerful)

Voting power

veCRV voting determines how newly minted CRV is distributed across pools. What is the ratio of veCRV:CRV distributed?

Convex finance deploys as a gauge voting strategy on Curve. Convex allows users to lock up its native token, CVX, which then gives users power to influence how the platform will vote on Curve gauges. What is the ratio of locked CVX:CRV distributed?